Sleep The Secret Of Beauty


Sleep is so important for our bodies that we can immediately see its effects when we have a regular sleep routine or when we lack it. I want to talk to you about the impact of sleep on beauty, which I have learned from my mother and elders around me, and have observed its effects on myself over time.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I experience fatigue, increased hunger, being more easily irritated, a pale complexion, and dark circles under my eyes. The miraculous effect of sleep has always intrigued me. How could a single night’s change in sleep pattern show its effects so quickly? I would like to share what I have learned about sleep by combining scientific research with my own observations.

Sleep is actually more than just getting rid of the tiredness of the day. It is a system that determines the balance and healthy functioning of all bodily functions. As you know, food raises our blood sugar levels, and the pancreas is responsible for controlling it. If you don’t have any health conditions, this process takes about two hours. The decrease in blood sugar triggers the rise of growth hormone, which ensures the healthy functioning of our bodies throughout the night. The first important step towards good sleep is to have your last evening meal as early as possible.

Stress plays a significant role in the proper functioning of this process. To reduce the harms of stress, which is becoming increasingly chronic in our modern world, and to calm our bodies, we can benefit from the soothing power of meditation. Developing a friendly perspective towards a mind that can stay calmly in the present moment, rather than constantly feeling rushed and motivated to do things, will be helpful. During pre-sleep meditation, I often find solace in the calming effect of Calm Balm Feeling Good.

Lavender, which facilitates the transition to sleep and whose effects I have observed since my childhood. When I stayed with my grandmother, she would leave a small lavender branch next to my bed. Even smelling the scent of lavender was equivalent to falling asleep immediately for me. I wanted to carry on this legacy and express my gratitude to Fiolas. In the Aromatherapy Sleep Mist, we have combined lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, and patchouli oils with purified water and cane alcohol. When the sleep mist is sprayed on the pillow, patchouli and cedarwood oils soothe acne on the skin and facilitate a smooth transition to sleep with their calming effect.

Now, for the final important part, sleeping in complete darkness triggers the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. You can find sleep masks in two options: Vegan Silk and English Velvet. These sleep masks provide a completely dark sleep experience. As a bonus, I would like to mention that the fabrics were chosen from sustainable and organic materials to prevent any wrinkles around the eyes.

Wishing you a sleep that brings beauty and health.

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