About Fiolas

Fiolas is not a one-way brand serving a single area, but creates a lifestyle with its products that will touch your life. At Fiolas, sustainability and ethical practices are the core of the brand. Fiolas with independent artisans in Turkey Deeply committed to its partnerships, it promotes sustainable cosmetics and fashion while preserving traditional heritage techniques.

It breaks new ground with its ‘Joy of Life’ capsule textile collection, which it launched with hand-printed designs. Unique designs are handmade in Turkey, where our partners adhere to strict ethical standards and pay fair wages. Every design of Fiolas is made in integrity and is intended to be kept alive for generations.

By entering the retail sector in 2022, we have opened 5 (five) points to the most prestigious points of Turkey.

And now Fiolas is with you abroad for the first time in Wesfield Shopping Center and with its Web store.

Holistic Beauty

In a world where consumption habits are changing with the increasing population, nature is being damaged more and more every day and it creates big problems that we will face in the future. Especially the production and use of products used in the cosmetics industry gives the greatest harm to nature. Since we know that personal care will always be in our lives, it should be applied in a way that does not harm nature.

As Fiolas, we set out with the idea of creating personal care products compatible with the organic structure of human beings; we offer our holistic beauty products to selfcare lovers by saying,


“we do not put anything on our skin that we do not eat”



Means to take care of or treat a whole thing,

not just a part of someone (cambridge dictionary)


As Fiolas, we define beauty not by specific standards,

but by the overall health of the body (including our skin,

of course!), mind and spirit.


Essentially, “holistic beauty” is an all-encompassing approach to healthy body, mind and spirit, resulting in healthier glowing skin as a result. This definition will explain why beauty is more than skin depth. Here are many quick fixes available to make your skin look instantly radiant and shine, but the effects are only temporary.

We are not against it, but we want to offer a deeper meaning to achieve glowing skin and we strongly advocate a holistic approach to beauty.

Vegan Silk

At FIOLAS, sustainability and ethical practices are the core of the brand. Deeply rooted in their partnerships with independent artisans in Turkey, Fiolas promotes sustainable fashion while preserving traditional heritage techniques, leading with their handmade printed designs. The one-of-a-kind designs are crafted by hand in Turkey  where our partners adhere to strict ethical standards and pay fair wages. Every Fiolas design is made with integrity and intended to be cherished for generations.

Vegan silk is a fabric produced entirely from waste, consisting of unused parts of cotton, advanced in silk. A fiber that has a high biodegradation rate, which disappears completely within 3 months when you bury it in the ground, leaving no trace. It can be washed at low temperatures and can be cleaned with less detergent.

It is a hypoallergenic fabric that slows down the penetration of all chemicals on the fabric due to washing and environmental factors, and that the chemicals are the least permeable to the skin.

Vegan silk exhibits climatic properties in terms of skin sensitivity and can make body functions work more properly.