Legendary OLYMPUS Collection: Journey to Mythological Beauties

I’m thrilled to finally share with you the Olympus Collection that we’ve been diligently working on for some time now! This collection, an endeavor to reflect the unparalleled beauty of nature, takes its name from the mythical realm of the goddesses in Greek mythology, “Olympus”. Within this collection, you’ll find the power and elegance of these goddesses captured in each piece.

Each item in this collection holds the uniqueness and elegance of a different goddess, inviting you on a mythological journey. Discover the graceful and modern style of Selene, the serene and tranquil energy of Doris, the strength of nature in Gaia, the mystical allure of Aura, the romantic stance of Anthea, the bold and free spirit of Bia, the striking impact of Asteria, the sophisticated style of Helene, and the elegance of Irene.

The Selene dress embodies the elegance of the Moon goddess Selene. With its terracotta and white hues, it leaves a natural impact while highlighting sustainability through its vegan silk linen fabric.

The Doris ensemble, both the bottom and top pieces, carries the energy of the Sea goddess Doris. Reflecting the exuberance of waves through its white and blue hues, it exudes a sense of movement and freedom. You’ll feel as if you’re one with the sea itself.

The Gaia set embodies the strength of the Earth goddess Gaia. With its beige and khaki colors, it echoes the softness of nature while boasting a comfortable and elegant style. Wearing this set, you’ll feel the enchantment of nature.

The Anthea dress captures the spirit of the goddess of beauty and grace, Anthea. Its lightweight linen fabric provides a sense of liberation, while its off-shoulder and balloon sleeve details convey a modern touch. This dress lets you celebrate your inner beauty.

The Bia shorts set carries the energy of victory and courage from the goddess Bia. Drawing attention with its harmony of terracotta, sax blue, and white colors, it offers a dynamic style with its thin straps and fringe details. This set represents strong and determined women.

The Asteria dress reflects the enchantment of the star goddess Asteria. With its open back and plunging neckline, it stands out. Wearing this dress, you’ll shine in the light of the night and discover your own radiance.

The Helene dress embodies the influence of the goddess of beauty and love, Helene. Imparting a pure feeling with its white and sax hues, it offers a striking appearance with its one-shoulder detail and side slit. With this dress, you can radiate your own beauty and love energy.

The entire collection is crafted using sustainable vegan silk and vegan linen fabrics. Vegan silk is a fabric made entirely from byproducts, composed of unused portions of cotton, more advanced than silk in terms of biodegradability. When buried in the ground, it completely disappears within 3 months without leaving a trace.

The Olympus Collection crowns your style with a divine touch while also allowing you to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Each piece reflects the characteristics of goddesses and offers a style filled with self-confidence.

This collection not only showcases our admiration for mythology but also provides you with the opportunity to create your own legend.

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