How Can Goals Be Determined In Corporate Perfumery ?

The Fiolas Brand; primarly determines the needs of the consumer in corporate perfumery. Needs ; The main determining criteria are to provide the mnemonic power of the scent and to create a feeling of relaxation and happiness. In our perfumes; Surveys are organized according to the message that our target customer group wants to give us.

All answers are grouped based on the characteristics and wishes of the participants. Afterwards, a special fragrance creation project is implemented by our fragrance experts.

Corporate fragrance management and selection is done by taking into account the wishes of our customers, within the ever-increasing competitive conditions. In emotional memories where scents are associated with places, memories and people, it is one of our primary goals that each Fiolas branded product evokes the beauties of life, reminds happy memories and calms the human spirit.


“Smells Have Memory”

Because, during our lives, we remember the places we went, the streets we passed, the places we were guests with their smells.

The scene that each fragrance imagine in our minds is different from each other. While we feel a deep relaxation with the scent of vanilla and cinnamon, we can be revived with the scent of menthol. While we fall into the sleep up the just with the scent of lavender, we can go on a fantastic journey in time with the scents of musk and amber.

The human mind can forget the endless scent it smells. However, a single scent has the effect of imagine happy memory of his childhood.


Meaning Of Smell

For Fiolas; The meaning of the smell is much more than the pleasant smells diffused in a place. Because the most important thing for us is; It is the art of creating a fragrance.

Of a scent; It is our priority goal the positive effects on the human spirit, to make it memorable, to calm it, to refresh it and to make you feel the joy of life.

In this way, each fragrance that Fiolas brings to life and creates a strong and indispensable bond between those who use it.

The happiness of people who remember that the scent they remember carries the Fiolas brand is increasing day by day and this makes us proud. Fiolas ensures that the most effective scent to be used in spaces is combined with the right ambient scent.

For example, choosing the right fragrance for stores allows customers to spend more time in the place and increase their consumption expenditures. If a scent can make people feel comfortable in a space, it will create a positive ambiance in the environment.


Retail Industry and Fragrances

Our brand; It works diligently to find the right harmony in every product ıt develops, to bring them together and to create the perfect scent.

As a result of the researches, it has been revealed that the scents with the right harmony also give acceleration the sales of the stores in a positive way. The atmosphere created by the institutions serving in the retail sector is as important as the goods they sell. The materials used in decoration, lighting, accessories, floor coverings, wall colors, art objects and the uniforms of the employees, together filling the space with the music and unique scents thats create a different brand value.

Looking at the known brands; When the elements that make up the ambiance of the spaces are in good harmony, it is seen that they affect the target customer group and this is reflected in the sales.


Starbucks : In the dark green place; wooden decor, chalkboard menus, soft music and fresh coffee scents draw the attention.

Cineplex: The smell of popcorn that continue to the outside of the place is identified with the cinema. No matter what other foods and drinks they sell, the only smell that reminds them is the smell of popcorn.

Lowe’s: When you enter one of its brightly-lit stores, you are greeted with the smell of freshly cut wood. This scent is always there in some way. It inspires us to renovate our homes and do-it-yourself ideas.

In the physical retail sector; The combination of visual, tactile and olfactory elements is very important. because these factors actually activate the purchasing reflexes of the customer and  influence the shopping behavior.


So, how does the world of fragrances and marketing work?

The human brain memorizes an infinite number of scents and has a keen sense of smell that can distinguish each one from the other. An adult human body constantly produces olfactory neurons.

The sense of smell is much more developed than other senses. How we remember an odor and what emotion it evokes is related to the psychology of smell. The smell of freshly baked cookies is much more triggering than tasting.

Similarly, the smell of a steaming coffee deeply influence the human mind. It is a scientific reality that odors trigger emotions such as joy, happiness, anxiety and pain. Some scents instill fear, while others create a deep sense of confidence. That is why there is a strong connection between fragrances and marketing. Because labeling a scent as good or bad and reconciling it with places is an important factor for it to remain in memory.

Changing the harmony of the scent can change its effect from negative to positive. The senses are quite powerful for the human mind and physiology. And it is remembered with memories. It is provided with scents chosen to create positive brand value and to be used in spaces.

With the right corporate fragrance selection, it is possible to increase the time customers spend in retail sales areas, to create a bond with the brand, to make them feel in a warm and friendly environment, and to augment the sales figures with all these criteria.



They choose strategic locations in their stores so that their customers can smell the fresh cinnamon rolls. As you get off the subway, you can breathe it in the smell of fresh cinnamon buns. Cinnabon stores are particularly attractive, as other smells are foul odour at a station.

Singapore Airlines

You don’t need to sell food to be successful in scent marketing. The Singapore Airlines is a pioneer in this execusion. A pressurized airline cabin has a stale air, a strange odor as every weary traveler knows. Singapore Airlines recognized this 30 years ago and was the first airline to develop a special fragrance for its hot towels. The floral and citrus scent became so popular that the airline gave it a new name; Tefan Floridian Waters. In addition to changing the smell of stale air, Singapore Airlines and other airlines aim to reduce their customers’ anxiety and use a calming scent to provide an unforgettable experience on flights.


Choosing the Right Fragrance in Corporate Fragrance

Discovering the right corporate scent for your space is not as complicated as you might think. Fiolas brand is happy to present its experience gained through deep research and studies on fragrances. Some of the results of our research are as follows;

  • If the Corporate Fragrance matches the products in the store, ambient scents can positively affect the purchasing behavior.
  • If the Corporate Fragrance doesn’t fit the store’s concept, it might be the other way around. Consumers may move away from the retail space.
  • Gender-designed scents are also important. A “feminine” fragrance in a women’s clothing store; It helps you create positive purchase intent.
  • If scents don’t match with gender, it may be backfired. The same study generally agrees that different scents should be used in various areas of stores, depending on the product focus.
  • While playing Christmas music in December, scented stores reminding of the excitement of Christmas activate the positive consumer’s sense of purchase. The right context to reinforce the brand are determinative factors in activating multiple human emotions at the same time.


Our brains subconsciously process scent first, so some key scents are really high impact. After choosing a corporate fragrance, think of it as a background element. A pleasant Corporate fragrance will reduce the negative behaviors of the customer, improve their perception of quality and adapt to the functioning of the human brain.

Fragrances are highly subjective. For example, customers who are exposed to corporate odor may leave your shop when they inhale an odor they do not like or when the odor causes them to have an allergic reaction.

For this reason, only a few companies use the scent strategy on their billboards. Professor Spagenberg, from Wash State University’s fragrance research, says: “Corporate Fragrance should stay in the background – pleasant, but not uncomfortable.” If you are a novice seller, you should listen to this.


Scent Solutions in Spaces with the Fiolas Brand


There are low cost / low risk solutions that can help Corporate Fragrances positively influence consumer behavior in retail spaces.Not sure which scent you want to try? Ask your customers! Take a few paper samples and ask your shop visitors to give their opinion. Well-placed diffusers, oils and candles are the best alternatives that add vitality to the space.

The best thing about getting started with the Corporate Fragrance selection; If you get negative feedback on your first try, it’s always easy to change the scent and identify another fragrances

All studies on the above scent; It made it possible for researchers to categorize odors according to which emotions they evoke. For example, scents that make you feel exciting, nostalgic, romantic, peaceful or safe.

For example, citrus, basil, lavender and cinnamon-derived scents create a sense of peace; Rosemary, thyme and mint-derived scents make you feel lively and energetic. While the scent of rose activates happy and positive emotions; Cardamom, licorice, chocolate and ginger derivatives trigger romantic feelings. While fruit scents make you feel happiness and summer air; The scent of cotton and linen evokes the feeling of cleanliness and the spring season. The leather fragrance emphasizes the feeling of rich and luxurious, the woody scents emphasize the feelings of naturalness, reliability and durability.

Research on corporate fragrance and scent marketing; especially helping retail and hotel industry managers determine more effective marketing strategies.

We must be aware of the power of the scent diffused into the environment in shops, hotel lobbies, showrooms, in short all interiors. However, it should not be forgotten that the correct use of this power is extremely important.

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